Bugs Framework (BF) Taxonomy
Irena Bojanova, PI & Lead, NIST Bugs Framework (BF), 2014 – ~~~~

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Each BF class is a taxonomic category of a weakness type. It relates to a distinct phase of software execution, the operations specific for that phase and the operands required as input to those operations. Operations or operands improperness define the causes. A consequence is the result of the operation over the operands. It becomes the cause for a next weakness or is a final error, leading to a failure. The attributes describe the operations and the operands. They help in understanding the severity of the bug/weakness.

Each BF class has a strict definition and a taxonomy. The taxonomy of a class comprises:

  • A set of operations – where such bugs could happen
  • A set of causes – the possible improper operations (bugs) and improper operands (faults)
  • A set of consequences – the possible errors (that become faults for next weaknesses) and the possible final errors (that become exploits)
  • A matrix of valid cause–operation–consequence relations
  • A set of attributes for the operations and the operands
  • A set of attributes with values – for the operations and the operands.

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