BF Specification of CVE-2011-4097


vendor:product: linux:linux_kernel

Bug Report

Code with Bug

Code with Fix

NVD Entry

DCLDeclaration (DCL) class – An object, a function, a type, or a namespace is declared or defined improperly.
TCMType Computation (TCM) class – An arithmetic expression (over numbers, strings, or pointers) is calculated improperly, or a boolean condition is evaluated improperly.
DeclareDeclare operation – Specify the name and type of an object; the name, return type, and parameters of a function; or the name and type parameters of a type.
CalculateCalculate operation – Find the result of a numeric, pointer, or string operation.
EvaluateEvaluate operation – Find the result of a Boolean condition (incl. comparison).
Code BugCode Bug type – Defect in the implementation of the operation – proper operands over an improper operation. A first cause for the chain of weaknesses underlying a software security vulnerability. Must be fixed to resolve the vulnerability.
   Erroneous CodeErroneous Code bug - There is a coding error in the implementation of the operation.
Type Error/FaultType Fault/Error type – The the set or range of allowed values is wrong or the operations allowed on them are wrong.
   Wrong TypeWrong Type fault/error – A data type range or structure is not correct.
Data Error/FaultData Fault/Error type – The object data has harmed semantics or inconsistent or wrong value.
   Wrap AroundWrap Around fault/error – A moved around-the-clock value over its data type upper or lower range, as it exceeds that range. (Integer Over-/Under-flow is a wrapped-around the upper/lower range integer value; may become very small/large and change to the opposite sign.
   Wrong ArgumentWrong Argument fault/error – Inaccurate input data value, i.e., non-verified for harmed semantics.
   Wrong ResultWrong Result fault/error – Incorrect value – from type conversion or computation.
Operation AttributeDefinition
Operand AttributeDefinition