BF Specification of CVE-2023-2564 OS Command Injection in GitHub repository sbs20/scanservjs prior to v2.27.0.

//generated// Missing Code (in '_format(value)') to Denylist Sanitize arrays of strings ((the characters '$', ' ', '#', '\\', or ';')) Entered (via API via '/preview' or '/scan' POST endpoint) in Codebase (packages/server/src/classes/command-builder.js#L21) Local leads to Command Injection ((OS Command Injection))

. If exploited this can lead to ACE (RCE) (everything could be lost).

vendor:product: scanservjs_project:scanservjs

Bug Report

Code with Bug

Code with Fix

NVD Entry

DVLData Validation (DVL) class – Data are validated (syntax check) or sanitized (escape, filter, repair) improperly.
SanitizeSanitize operation – Modify data (neutralize/escape, filter/remove, repair/add symbols) to make it valid (well-formed).
Code BugCode Bug type – Defect in the implementation of the operation – proper operands over an improper operation. A first cause for the chain of weaknesses underlying a software security vulnerability. Must be fixed to resolve the vulnerability.
   Missing CodeMissing Code bug - The operation is entirely absent.
Injection Final ErrorInjection exploitable error type – An exploitable or undefined system behavior caused by 'code separation' data validation bugs.
   Command InjectionCommand Injection exploitable error – Maliciously inserted new commands into the input to a command sent to an OS or a server.
Operation AttributeDefinition
MechanismMechanism operation attribute type – Shows how the buggy/faulty operation code is performed.
   DenylistDenylist operation attribute – The operation is via a policy based on a set of known bad content; helps reject outright maliciously malformed data.
Source CodeSource Code operation attribute type – Shows where the buggy/faulty operation code is in software or firmware.
   CodebaseCodebase operation attribute – The operation is in the programmer's code - in the application itself.
Execution SpaceExecution Space operation attribute type – Shows where the buggy/faulty operation code is running or with what privilege level.
   LocalLocal operation attribute – The bugged code runs in an environment with access control policy with limited (local user) permission.
Operand AttributeDefinition
Data StateData State operand attribute type operand attribute – Shows where the data come from.
   EnteredEntered operand attribute – Data are from a user via a user interface (e.g., input field of a dialog or a command prompt).