BF Tool
Irena Bojanova, Inventor, Creator, PI, Bugs Framework (BF)

BF is a classification system of software bugs and weaknesses that allows precise descriptions of security vulnerabilities exploiting such weaknesses.

The BF Tool facilitates the use of the BF taxonomy in describing security vulnerabilities according to the BF Vulnerability Model . It guides the creation of BF vulnerability decryptions and graphical representations (e.g. in BFCVE on the left). The BF Tool is in C#, and will run on current MS Windows OS.

To obtain the BF tool, please send a request to Irena Bojanova at .

NIST is an agency of the US Government and this software is public domain in the United States.
Please explicitly acknowledge the source of the Bugs Framework (BF) and the Bugs Framework (BF) Tool.

Irena Bojanova, NIST
Bugs Framework (BF), 2014-2023
Bugs Framework (BF) Tool, 2020-2023

Important Note: Any BF-application publication that lists classes not featured on this website is a misrepresentation of BF. If in doubt, please seek guidance from the BF PI .